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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't want to work Out?

My local hill opens Friday and I've been trying to get my legs strong so I can kill it this year on a snowboard. I have a strong motivation because I might get to cover some gnarly snowboard events and I don't want to feel like a poser.

I wake up stiff virtually every morning since I started working out and sometimes there is a window of doubt that opens up and screams in my head "your causing yourself bodily harm", "you need to rest more," "you're old", "you're not good enough". I say "Bull shit" to that negative self talk. I never feel more alive than when I'm outside doing sports. It makes me stronger physically but especially mentally and I need that. So the next time you're making excuses to not work out, read this quote from my gym Bodynetix:

Injuries can be worked around. Busy schedules can be worked around. There is no reason that everyone reading this can not give up 3 hours a week to improve their health, reduce their body fat, increase their muscle tone and improve their energy, immune system and over all quality of life.

Maybe even print it in colored markers and tape it to your fridge!

I believe in you:)

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  1. Thanks Restless, I needed the pep talk!